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NEW Online Payment System!

We are excited to announce that you will be able to book our cabins online at any time, and we are now accepting online payments! However, as we have inherited an existing website, our software does not allow bookings and payments to be done on the same page. (We know - we're special!) The good part: our main website is optimized for booking, so making your reservation will be easy, and our ecommerce site is far more secure, so your online payment is as safe as possible. This page will walk you through our simple- but different- process, and of course if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or (608) 937-9626. 

Thank you for being patient with us as we rebuild and do our best to make your stay as convenient and enjoyable as possible!


  Step 1 

Choose your cabin by either searching for the dates you are interested in on our                      page, which will give you all of our available cabins, or by looking at our                    

page to find the cabin that best suits your family.


Once you've found your cabin, click on                          . On the new page, either your chosen dates will already be loaded in, or you may choose your dates by selecting on the Check-In and Check-Out buttons. 


You will now be able to click on the 

                         button. This will bring you to a page that will allow you to complete your booking, including the ability to add necessary additional charges. Please fill out all fields on the next pages. 

You will not be able to pay on this page. You will receive a confirmation email after completing your booking. 

Now That You Have Your Cabin...
Pay Your Deposit!

  Step 1 

Your cabin is now reserved for 24 hours, however, we highly suggest paying your deposit (or full rate if you so chose) immediately. 

Your confirmation email will contain a link to our payment site through Square, or you can click either of the buttons on the top or bottom of this page.


Once you've navigated to our new ecommerce site, you will be brought to the Cabins Page. You will be able to click on                  or your reserved cabin's picture, which will bring you to several payment options that you can choose from:

1. Pay only the weekly deposit now

2. Pay the entire weekly rate today

3. Pay only the nightly deposit now 

4. Pay the entire nightly rate today. 

You will also have the option to review or add any of our additional charges.


You can now add whichever payment option you choose to your cart. You should only chose one of the four options. 

If you are paying our nightly rate, please make sure to mark the number of nights you plan to stay. We will be making sure these numbers match your initial booking. 

Continue checking out by following the prompts on the screen. You will receive a final confirmation email that your payment was processed. 

Thank Your For Choosing Pine Valley Lodge, and Thank You For Your Flexibility

We can't thank you enough for your support as we rebuild, and we hope to make the process even more streamlined in the future. For now, we hope that the ability to pay online is as helpful to you as it is for us. 

While our system is special, it does give our guests the freedom to choose whether they want to pay full price or just the deposit at the time of booking. We want to tailor your experience to you specifically, and we hope that this system reflects that right from the beginning. 

We can't wait until you visit us!

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